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Ba Resume at a Glance

Ba Resume at a Glance You may have a Kanban board. As a member, you will get business analyst job alerts sent straight to your inbox so that you can waste no time applying to the ones which youre fruchtwein interested in. A career for a business analyst can be very rewarding. Instead, the company analysts job is to make sure that the delivered solution is an actual answer for the organization and not simply something that the team wanted to build. Which leads to a job role that looks tailor-made for the company analyst. To me, the parte of a business analyst really comes down to some things. In the event the business is using SalesForce, theyd really like to get a candidate whos already acquainted with the program. By way of example, for my industry (management consulting), nobody would like to employ a management consultant who doesnt understand how to utilize PowerPoint. More than that, you will learn just what to do next to expand your organization analysis opportunities. So many businesses today need analysts, but the crucial thing is to find the right resume out there so that you can benefit from the jobs out there. There are a few professions like finance or healthcare where specific certifications or degrees are important to getting the job. For placement on your resume, consider where youre in your career and that which you need to emphasize. Even without prior history, its still true that you have the skills, education, and individual qualifications necessary to create a good case for why youd be a fantastic candidate. There might be a selection of jobs youre qualified for that can help you on your career path. The Bad Secret of Ba Resume Lots of people have never been officially known as a Business Analyst. Its possible to also seeA Recruiting Manager Resumes While applying for work in new company theres a need of an effective resume that may speak mora concerning the work performed by you. So again, huge effect on how folks work and a chance to reimagine the method by which the business processes can be dealt with the Lightning UI. A professional on-line presence makes it possible for you to demonstrate your skills with an on-line portfolio and your expertise with industry-related posts. Another facet of your fresher resume that has to be highlighted is your abilities and qualifications. A CV for a new Ph.D. graduate will probably be about 3-5 pages. Writing a successful resume isnt easy. While Canadian resumes are available in many unique formats, they share some standards that you ought to know about. Bear in mind that no one cares what you would like. Consult with the psychologist resume templates you encounter on the website to acquire a concept of what you want to include in your resume. For children and teens who might not own a lot on their resumes, they ought to incorporate any school or community theater productions theyve participated in, along with classes theyve taken. In the future, you will have a resume template library ready to fulfill any work application situation. If youre lacking a good deal of qualified experience then it is even more critical you compose a flawless education section. Then, talking about your secondary abilities and obligations over the principal ones is another mistake you have to be cautious of. The absolute most important consideration to keep in mind while you document your education is honesty. If education has become the most prominent portion of your experience, put it towards the top. Our resume builder makes it simple to create a well-written resume in a couple of minutes. So, you must make your complex responsibilities easy and simple to comprehend. So treasure your time if you receive a BA job. There are variety of examples and various forms of Free Resume Templates which can be found which may be downloaded free.

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This Is Why Skill Set Isnt Everything In The Hiring Game

This Is Why Skill Set Isnt Everything In The Hiring GameThere are only a few organizations that truly need to hire based on skill alone. The New York Yankees, for example. Major movie studios, definitely. Modeling agencies would be another one. Its tough to win a World Series, an Oscar or land a major ad campaign with someone who doesnt have the necessary set of skills to get there. But for nearly every other schriftart of business, a candidates skills are important, but theyre not the be all, end all. Especially when you consider the fact that, globally, 38 percent of employers had difficulty filling jobs last year due to a lack of technical competencies, according to ManPowerGroups 2015 Talent Shortage Survey. It may binnenseem counterintuitive to hear that a hiring manager or a recruiter shouldnt zero in on an applicants skill level as they look to fill a role. But there are a number of reasons why focusing on a persons skill set alone becomes dangerous. These includeYou can chang e a persons skills, but you cant change who they are.Its terrific if a new employee shows up on their first day of work fully equipped to do their job perfectly. However, its equally important that they mesh well with their new colleagues. If you hire for skill and dont weigh personality type or character, you could end up with the most technically talented new hire youve ever had, but also the one who creates the most zug in the arbeitszimmer. Its much easier to teach skills than it is to teach the ability to get along well with others. Consider both factors when making a hiring decision.Skilled talent may also have learned a few bad habits along the way.Companies within the same field can operate quite differently from one another. If you have an employee who was doing a job with Company X for years, they may come to Company Y with plenty of experience. However, they may have also picked up some habits at Company X that the managers at Company Y dont love. Because ansicht patterns are so ingrained in their daily work habits, it can be hard to retrain this employee and break them of these problematic patterns. Its easier to teach someone a skill when theyve got a clean slate.Technical abilities dont always translate to passion for the job.An employee might be great at what they do, but in no way does this mean that they love it. Those who lack a real passion for the job can end up causing the company (and the morale within that company) to suffer in the long-run. Youre better off hiring someone who could use some additional training, but is eager to learn as opposed to someone who naturally excels in the role, but couldnt care less about the work they do each day.Skills mean nothing if an employee doesnt have a passion for the job.Click To TweetOnce youve taken hiring for skills alone out of play, what else should you consider as you vet candidates for an open role within your or a clients business? These are key traits to look for in a potential new hireCus tomer service skillsRegardless of whether an employee is in a client-facing role on a day-to-day basis, hiring managers and recruiters want to know that the individual will conduct themselves appropriately should they end up interacting with clients. Each employee represents a business, so professionalism and courtesy are essential.The right personalityEmployers look for a few key personality traits when they search for their next team member, including professionalism, high energy levels, and confidence. People who come into the office each day fired up and ready to work inspire others around them to be the same way. Energy levels are contagious, for better or for worse, so you want someone in your office whos going to motivate other employees to get out there and make a difference. While exuberance matters, you dont want someone whos like a bull in a china shop. You need an employee who knows how to conduct themselves professionally in any situation. Whether theyre courting a new client or killing time with someone in accounting, they know whats OK to say and whats not. You also want this person to feel confident in various situations. They should trust their gut and feel equipped to represent their company.Attention to detailRegardless of position or department, careful attention to detail is a must. Employees who only focus on the big picture can end up inadvertently causing major mistakes to happen as they overlook details that become significant in the long-run. From typos to decimals that could drastically change the outcome of a profit and loss statement, you want someone who makes it a point to check and double check their work.Gets along with many different personality typesIf youve worked in an office for long enough, you know that youll find a diverse blend of personality types who all have to coexist and share the same cafeteria. You have introverts and extroverts. You have those who love group brainstorming sessions and those who would love to be left alone with their thoughts. A new addition to your team should be able to do business peacefully with these varying personalities. No need to be best friends with everyone, but treating all colleagues in a civilized manner is essential.A passion for what they doIf an employee doesnt believe in the companys mission, eventually theyre going to experience burnout. Recruit people who truly love the work they do and believe in the reason theyre doing it. Employees who come in simply to collect a paycheck will quickly reveal themselves and will struggle to properly pull their weight.Willingness to put in the workIts rare to find a job thats always 9-5 anymore. There will be days or weeks when staff members are required to log extra hours. While they may not love missing time with their friends or family, the right people for the job understand they have to do whats necessary to get the work done. Seek out employees who are more focused on completing the project properly than they are on watching the clock and leaving at 501 p.m. on the dot.Wants to improveIt doesnt matter how long youve been doing a job or how many degrees youve obtained, theres always room to get better. When an employee decides they know everything there is to know about their field, they start to plateau. As a result, their value within the company decreases. Seek out someone who constantly wants to improve their knowledge and skills. Someone who wants to attend conferences and workshops. Someone who reads trade magazines and blogs pertaining to the field. These are the employees who will continue to stay relevant, even as their field evolves.Values the team mentalityAsk nearly any employee in America and youll probably hear that they regularly handle tasks that wouldnt anliegen under their assigned job description. When a staff member cares about the business, they tackle these tasks to ensure that the company continues to flourish. When hiring, look for an employee whos focused on the team as a whole, rather than someone who obsesses over what is or isnt their job.Handles feedback wellNo one loves to hear criticism, but from time to time, its necessary. Even if your employee is wonderfully talented at their job, there will come a day when they make a mistake that warrants correcting. Make sure the person you hire is someone who is responsive and receptive to this feedback.Employees who blow up, storm out of the office, or melt down become disruptive to the business as a whole. Managers become hesitant to have a discussion with them, which means the mistakes that need correcting are allowed to continue. This can lead to a whole host of other issues. When feedback is received and acted upon, problems are squashed before theyre allowed to develop further.Has the ability to multitaskTodays working world is fast paced. You might be typing away on an assignment one minute, only to get called into a meeting the next. Find someone who can easily adapt to an ever-changing off ice environment without getting flustered. Multi-taskingmatters, as does the ability to stay focused and keep priorities in line, even as situations change around you at work.Can make decisionsEven if theyre not in a management role, its useful to have an employee who is comfortable making decisions. Inevitably at some point, they will find themselves in a situation where they have to make choices that will impact the company (What vendor should you use? What time should the event start?), and you dont want someone who teeters back and forth, unable to trust their own ability to pick an option.Seeks to innovateSometimes companies stall out because they continue to operate just as they always have. Its not because this way is the most effective way, but rather because its the most comfortable. Find employees who are willing to innovate and think creatively. They bring fresh blood and new ideas to the office, and help identify outdated or unproductive patterns that are slowing the com pany down.Takes responsibility for mistakesFessing up to a major work blunder is tough, even for well-respected members of a team. But doing so is important in order to keep the company operating smoothly. If an idea falls flat or a customer isnt happy, the people responsible for the issue need to be OK with stepping forward and making it right. Passing the blame around can cause tension within an office, plus it makes the business look unprofessional to its customers.Look for inherent skills like creativity, decisiveness, and being personable when hiring.Click To TweetHiring managers are often in a tricky position. Even when they know what kind of employee they should be looking for, beyond just the hard skills and the flashy resume, it can be tough to strike a balance. How do you make sure youre getting the right type of person who also has the right type of experience? There are a few waysMake the interview more hands onIts easy for someone to fake their way through a series of s tandard interview questions. To really get a sense of what the candidate is all about, try shaking up your interview process. If you want to verify that they have the necessary technical skills, have them create a sample project. Write a script. Build a model. Do a mock-up of a logo. Rather than talking about the work they would do if they came and joined your team, youll get to see it in action. This gives you a better idea of whether their actual abilities back up their interview answers.Let them interact with your teamBecause company culture and employee morale are so important, youll want to get a sense of how this person would mesh with your more veteran employees. Instead of hypothesizing and asking theoretical questions, give them a chance to meet everyone briefly. Any immediately negative interactions should be a red flag that perhaps this hire isnt a good fit for the business.See a persons potentialAnalyzing a resume is important, but you should also keep in mind that who a n individual is right now isnt always indicative of what they could be. If they were given career development opportunities, for example, they might obtain the skills necessary to become more technically sound. Take musiknote of where a potential hire is currently at in their career, but dont pigeonhole them. Professional growth is always possible in the right situation.Analyzing potential hires based on technical skill is important in order to ensure that a new team member is able to effectively pull their weight at work. However, dont underestimate the importance of getting the right personality type in the position either. Finding a charismatic, enthusiastic individual whos ready to learn and has the potential to develop professionally can have a huge positive impact on your office.What are some other things to consider in a new hire, other than skill? Let us know in the comments below.

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5 Things You Must Do to Convey Your Personal Brand

5 Things You Must Do to Convey Yur Personal Brand5 Things You Must Do to Convey Your Personal Brand16No matter how you magically attract the hiring manager to you, the challenge is to quickly and powerfully distinguish yourself. YOU need to stand out and be memorable.5 Things You Must Do to Convey Your Personal Brand1. Use the Right AmountYou want to think about your personal brand like the seasoning to a meal. The seasoning is the thing that transforms an entre from plain to Italian or Greek. As with seasonings, you cant be heavy handed. You dont pile on an herb without dire consequences nor do you add such a small pinch that you have accomplished nothing. Look for opportunities to inject a word or phrase throughout your job search tools.2. Repetition ReinforcesWith items like your resume and LinkedIn profile, you want to add words and phrases in multiple forms and several places to reflect your personal brand. Repetition is how we learn and the reader of your information is essenti ally learning about you.3. Word Usage and CreativityRepetition will help you convey your personal branding concepts, but be cautious to not overuse any single word or phrase. This becomes redundant and boring for the reader, who will quickly lose interest and move on. For example, lets say you want to convey that you are dynamic. Dynamic is the sort of word that isnt overused in general but is unique enough that its easily remembered. If you repeat that word a few times in your resume, the reader will start losing focus and quickly dump your resume. If you check the dictionary, youll find the following words associated with Dynamic vigorous, energetic, aggressive, assertive, and forceful. Any or all of those words could be used to help reinforce the idea that you are a dynamic person. You can use different words to keep it interesting to read and still portray your personal branding idea.If you are working to strongly brand your job search materials, find a list of over-used and mea ningless words so you can avoid the use of those words.4. Consistency Everywhere, All the TimeAlthough your resume and LinkedIn profile are the main things you need to stamp with your personal brand, you have other things you need to pay attention to in this process. Everything that represents you must be consistent and in alignment with the picture you are portraying. You never know what someone will look at to make a quick assessment about you. Here are some of the additional things you need to pay attention to for portraying your personal brandingBusiness cardsAll social mediaYour elevator speechThe items on this list dont have enough space to allow you to portray much more than one personal branding idea. Thats okay because you have to remember that the people who dont know you will still learn a few things about your personal brand from one sentence.5. Your Job InterviewWe dont always think about our job interview as a place to reinforce our personal brand, but what you say abo ut yourself speaks volumes. No one can guess what you bring to the party- you have to fold in your personal branding as you respond to various questions. The interview is more than just your qualifications its about you as a person and future coworker.If you repeat your personal branding concepts across all of the various platforms you use and are consistent with everything a hiring manager reviews, you will be more than a piece of paper or a job title. You will be a person they want working for them.Readers, how do you convey your personal brand during your job search? Share your tips with us belowPersonal branding starts with how well you speak about YOU. I want to help you accelerate your career by connecting you with your Free Instant Access to my eBook The Definitive Guide to Creating and Using an Elevator Speech. In this guide, I give you simple to follow instructions for creating a wardrobe of ways to talk about you- to leave a lasting impression.Brought to you by Dorothy Ta nnahill-Moran- dedicated to unleash your professional potential.

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5 lessons about work-life balance you need to know today

5 lessons about work-life balance you need to know today5 lessons about work-life balance you need to know todayAre you the corporate warrior?Its easy to get into a routine nowadays, isnt it? Working hurs are raising each year and peak at mora than 55 per week in the US. In Europe, the situation is similar and stress at work increased by 30% in the past decade according to psychologists. If one cant achieve the so-called work-life balance, periods of frustration, self-doubt, and failure are ahead.The times of 9-to-5 are long gone. Our parents and grandparents dont understand why we spend so much time at work and answer emails during the family dinner. For their generations, 5 oclock meant its my time now, no more work Those times are long gone and the aufgabe is becoming bigger. The advance in technology is the main factor that brought the concerns about the quality of work and its relation to personal life to the table. The good thing is that the world realizes it and companies try to implement work-life balance into their culture by providing a number of perks.Is your company framing the truth about offering work-life balance?Work-life balance means different things to different people. Stop and think The definition of work-life balance is ________. Fill the blank with how youd describe it before you move on with reading. Now let me tell you a story. See if you can relate to it.A friend of mine who lives in Germany recently joined a huge pharmaceutical company. After her first week at work, we had a long Skype call so she could tell me everything about it.She said that the office is brand new and there is everything I can possibly imagine. They have a gym. They have a kitchen where the chefs prepare more than 7 dishes every day, 3 types of salads and some healthy snacks for a few bucks. She now doesnt have to cook because the food is cheap and shes been buying it for home.Then she continued talking about the bathrooms. She explained there is everything you ne ed showers, freshly washed towels, shampoos, body lotions and all is neat and perfectly clean. Oh, and the best thing is the kinder-garden Theyve been thinking about a baby with her husband, and now it might be the perfect moment, right?I was very happy for her and deep inside even a bit jealous. zu sich life and work seemed perfectly balanced now. She can work out before work, have a shower there, eat cooked food without having to cook. Wouldnt you want to work in such a company?Nowadays, many corporations do the same. They provide benefits that excite us from the very beginning. But what if the whole idea is for you to stay at work longer? You can eat healthily, your child is taken care of and you can even take a showerThe commercial corporations are inherently designed to get as much out of you as they can. Its in their DNA, even the well-intentioned companies Brent BarootesAfter her first three months at the company, I talked to my friend again. She mentioned the company intro duced yet another benefit they can now leave their pets at the office Shes been staying at work longer now.Personally, I dont want to become an office rat Even though I work for a company that promotes work-life harmony, I decided to address the issue of finding true work-life balance. After reading dozens of articles and reports, I outlined 5 steps we all need to follow in order to secure work-life balance. What I found out might surprise you1. Check how much time you really spend workingOn the one hand, we all enjoy the benefits employers provide us with. On the other hand, it becomes a nightmare, as we spend even more time at the office, which leads to spending less time doing what we enjoy with the ones we love.Take life into your own hands. Of course, enjoy the perks your job offers, but draw the line in the sand at some point.What you need to do? To get the ball rolling, take a piece of paper and write down the answer to the followinga) How does your average day look? Calcula te your time and outline how and where you spend it.b) How would you love your day to look like? Outline the categories of your life you want to be better at.c) melange the two and create a strategy. What do you need to do in order to feel fulfilled in each of your life categories?Be realistic and approach this task in a balanced way. Remember that you will always have to compromise and make choices on a daily basis. What are the priorities in your life right now? Whatever it is, commit to it. Find your rhythm. Also, be flexible. As life goes on, your plans will change depending on the needs of your family and work.Find out more advice from CEOs about committing here and here.2. Forget about balance. Its all about harmony. SurpriseSince a young age, we strive for progress. We want to get into our dream university, which means staying up late studying. Then, in the first years of our career, we continue staying up till late and working harder than others in order to outperform them. As life goes on, we try to gain more and more and achieve success.Nowadays, too many people work long hours at the jobs they hate, to enable them to buy things they dont need, to impress people they dont like. Nigel MarshAt this point of your life, you probably know that the way to success is difficult. On top of everything, you have the caring wife, husband, mom who keeps telling you you need some rest, you need to see us more. This only adds to the stress. Now you dont only think about how much work you have to do, but you try to find ways of achieving the balance. The mental battle of how much time youre devoting to a particular area in your life expands.Heres the deal. Work-life balance is impossible. What you should try is to switch from trying to achieve work-life balance and focus on creating work-life harmony. Integrate your work into your life. Stop thinking of work and life as separated things and think about them as one.Related articlesPros and Cons of working in a start upWhat should a cover letter include in 2018?How I decide when to leave or stay in a jobWhat do you need to do? Viva technology Smartphones, tablets, IPads, emails, live chats. As much as technology could stress us out, it is a great tool to help us achieve work-life harmony. While youre at the gym, you can answer a few emails, you can write a blog post, you can read a book, etc. You can do all that while traveling to work on public transport or while on holiday with your family. Be creative and innovative in finding ways to accomplish your tasks while doing other things in your life.If you need an evening with zero distractions, leave your phone in the car after coming home. Dont feel obliged to be always on. Also, stay in the moment. When at work, dont lament about the fact that you missed a family gathering the night before. While playing with your kid, dont think about the amount of work that awaits you tomorrow. Stay in the moment.These 8 Ted Talks will change the way you think about work-life harmony forever.3. Start livingNOWHumans are funny creatures. We have the ability to focus so much on the future while forgetting to live in the present. If youre shaking your head left to right, be honest with yourself. Has there been a time in your life when you thought I cant wait to get out of school and get the job so I can take care of myself and do what I love?Then when you have THAT job, it becomes your life. You tell yourself, Ill have a life when I finish this big project. Ill have a life after my kids grow up and leave home. Ill have a life after I retire. You need to wake up now and save yourself from falling into this trap.What do you need to do? Start living the life you dream of and dont let your employer drive your daily schedule. Design your life and start with the little things. The change towards a happier life can be as simple as finishing work an hour earlier and taking your kid/partner to dinner.Dont wait for a perfect moment. Take the moment and make it perfect. Jocelyn ShafferFind best tips and tricks on work-life harmony from Richard Branson here.4. Be smart when choosing your employerRemember my friends story from the beginning? Many corporations that seem to enable work-life harmony are actually misleading. When choosing your future employer, focus on other things.Instead of a child-care facility, do they offer a half day off every month to spend with your kids? Instead of having a gym in the company building, do they offer a membership card in a gym outside of work? Are the employees being stimulated to develop their full potential? These are not monetary benefits, but they are instilling freedom into your work life.How do we do it at ? I dont like bragging. But I have to tell you what work-life harmony looks like here at . We have breakfast together every Monday at the office. While we eat, each team presents past weeks achievements and the upcoming weeks plan. We go to Ving Tsun classes together. While traveling there, we have casual one-on-ones in the car.We travel together and do retrospection and quarterly planning. The last time it was Venice in Italy.Check out other activities that promote work-life harmony at here.5. Keep going, even if it seems impossibleIf you stand in front of a high mountain, it seems difficult to climb it at first. Once you start walking up, though, the challenge suddenly becomes much easier. Events or situations dont trouble you, how you look at them does. 90% of our long-term happiness is predicted by the way our brains process reality. If you are at the very beginning of your journey to a happier life, keep that in mind.People who study work-life harmony for years, still struggle to keep it. It takes time, but its possible. As the COO at Facebook Sheryl Sandberg says, you can never have it all at once, but you can bring the element of your personal and professional life into close alignment to achieve as much harmony as possible.What do you need to do? The r ule number one here is to take it easy. Start with a small list of things youd like to improve in your life. Start changing your habits one by one as doing everything at once will be chaotic.Also, dont wait until tomorrow, next week, after the big projects done. Start today. Whether it is by leaving work one hour early or finally stop trying to please everyone and loosen up. Remember that its the little things that matter the most.If youd like to read about other executives and the ways they manage work-life harmony, have a look here.Back to youWas any of these lessons about the so-called work-life balance surprising to you? Id love to hear your feedback or observations in the comments below.Hit the share button if you think your friends and family should see it too.

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Publishing House Editor Jobs

Publishing House Editor JobsPublishing House Editor JobsIf youre looking for a job in book publishing, or if youre an author who would like to know more about the roles of the various editors, here are the most typical vorwort jobs within a publishing house. The Publishers Job In its most idealized form, the job of a book publisher is to be both the editorial visionary and the geschftsleben head of a publishing house or imprint. In trade publishing, the publisher sets the broad tone for the type of books the house publishes. The rest of the editorial staff reports acquisitions up through the ranks at the eventual discretion of the publisher. The vorwort Director / Editor-in-Chiefs Job Reporting to the publisher, the editorial director of a publishing house or imprint is usually the person in charge of directing the day-to-day efforts of the editors. He might also have his own list of books to edit, but it will likely be a small one, owing to the managerial responsibilities of his role. The Book Editors Job A book editors job is to take a book proposal from acquisition through to the finished work and beyond. While its widely assumed that the editors main duty is to line-edit the manuscript, the job, in fact, encompasses a number of different facets, all critical to the success of the finished book. It falls under the editors job to Acquire the book from a literary agent.This means reading proposals and their manuscripts or sample chapters and assessing the kompetenz novel or non-fiction books appeal to the marketplace. It necessarily means writing a lot of rejection letters. If a book project passes her muster, the editor then acts as its advocate to a larger acquisitions committee. If the editor gets the high sign to acquire a book, he or she will then have the task of negotiating the authors contract with the agent. In much rarer instances, an editor may acquire an un-agented manuscript. Make sure the author stays on track with the manuscript.The editor works with the author to ensure the manuscript that comes in lives up to the books promises that is, type of content, quality of information, and good writing. This means the editor will check in with the author while the manuscript is being written, to assess progress. If there are warning signs that the manuscript will be late, the editor keeps the managing editorial department- and her bosses- apprised of the schedule.Edit the manuscript.Between the time a book manuscript is due and the time it goes into production, there a number of editorial stagesthrough which the manuscript needs to pass. Be an advocate for the book to the marketing department, the publicity department, and the sales department.Its part of the book editors job to ensure the marketing, publicity, and salespeople are fully apprised of the individual books value and potential in the marketplace. Depending on the house, editors may be required to write tip sheets for the sales department or catalog copy fo r marketing. The editor will likely work very closely with publicity to ensure that the book and authors respective potentials are fully exploited to the media. The Editorial Assistants Job Editorial assistant jobs are the entry-level editorial jobs in book publishing, and share many aspects of administrative assistant jobs in any industry. An editorial assistant traditionally desires an apprenticeships path to becoming a full-fledged editor. The editorial assistant helps the editor with the labor- and communication-intensive editorial tasks, such as reams of editorial correspondence (including sending all those rejection letters), keeping track of schedules, etc. The editorial assistant also acts as a gatekeeper for the editor, helping to manage the barrage of incoming phone calls and emails. If he is effective, efficient and proactive, the editorial assistant may be allowed to help assess the merits of incoming manuscripts and perhaps work on projects of his own, under the a uspices of the editor. The Developmental Editors Job For most trade publishing houses, the development of a manuscript is handled by the acquiring editor herself. At textbook publishers, a developmental editor is sometimes engaged to work with the author to help shape the books content, ensuring that the information flows in properly, in a logical progression for a class syllabus. Other Editor Jobs Assistant editor, associate editor, editor, senior editor, executive editor are all iterations of the book editors job, with increasing levels of responsibility, often based on the success of previous projects. With each bump in title, an editor gets more freedom to acquire more expensive book projects or projects to her taste. Despite their editorial titles, the managing editor and the copy editors fall under the auspices of the production department, not the editorial department.

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Creating Energy with Every Step You Take

Creating Energy with Every Step You Take Creating Energy with Every Step You Take Creating Energy with Every Step You Take Years ago, while at Loughborough University, in Loughborough, UK, Laurence Kemball-Cook was looking for ways to generate power and energy in open spaces away from the grid. The solution he came up with revolved around the very steps we take. [I thought of] the energy from peoples footsteps in a busy train station and what if you used the energy from every single step? says Kemball-Cook, now the CEO of London-based Pavegen Systems. He built the first prototype of the energy-harvesting tile that would become the heart of his business in just 14 hours in the lab. Over the years, however, he believes he created as many as 600 prototypes to perfect the technology. A large-scale outdoor installation in Washington, D.C. is one of the companys 150 projects around the world. Image: Pavegen With wood and small mechanical devices, I demonstrated what was possible, that when you stood on tile it could generate energy, he says. In the end, it came down to looking at a number of different ways of generating energy. Piezo wouldnt do it because the voltage is high but the current is absolutely tiny. Even if youre talking about a billion footsteps, piezo electricity would not be viable as an energy source. Other ways are down to electromechanical harvesters. A magnet going on a coil was a popular way and was cost effective. More for You: Read about the latest in Power and Energy The first iteration of the technology was fairly basic. We didnt use self-enameled wire so they actually had to make a mold that would set the wire in resin and in production it had massively high costs, says Kemball-Cook, whose bachelors degree was in industrial design and technology. It just wasnt an efficient production process. According to Kemball-Cook, in its present state, the pavement technology works this way: Every time you walk on the tile, the downward force of your footsteps is converted into rotational energy, which is then stored within a flywheel, which acts as a temporary storage device and filter. The flywheel, set two to three inches deep in the tile, rotates up to five seconds and every time it rotates, a series of magnets and copper coils pass over it. One linear meter of Pavegen in a certain environment could generate ten kilowatt hours of energy per year, per linear meter and obviously, you could scale up or scale down, he says. Eventually, the technology when its scaled up could save a municipality money. But we dont anticipate that for some years. The other value to the company is the data collected from a tile. You can use the energy from people and get a footfall understanding throughout the day, he says. Is it busy in the morning or through the day? It can [also] help with areas like traffic management, making sure streets are cleaned appropriately based on footfall. Pavegen has had many clients, including Google and Cisco, and has delivered their tiles to businesses on multiple continents. Some of their tiles have even made their way to Dupont Circle in Washington,D.C.he says. And, according to Kemball-Cook, there are even more steps to come, so stay tuned. Eric Butterman is an independent writer. For Further Discussion [I thought of] the energy from peoples footsteps in a busy train station and what if you used the energy from every single step?Laurence Kemball-Cook, CEO, Pavegen Systems, Ltd.

Monday, November 18, 2019

These are the 25 Fortune 500 companies that offer the most remote-friendly jobs

These are the 25 Fortune 500 companies that offer the most remote-friendly jobs These are the 25 Fortune 500 companies that offer the most remote-friendly jobs Working remotely is becoming the norm. There has been a  115% percent increase in telecommuting  between 2005-2015 and the percentage of workers doing all or at least some of their work remotely has increased from 19% in 2003 to 24% in 2015,  according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Even though working remotely is very common, it doesn’t seem  synonymous  with Fortune 500 companies. After all, these are the companies that represent two-thirds of the U.S. GDP with $12 trillion in revenues, $890 billion in profits, $19 trillion in market value, and employ 28.2 million people worldwide. However, FlexJobs took a look at the recently released list of  Fortune 500 companies  and  cross-referenced them with their  100 Top Companies with Remote Jobs  list to identify which Fortune  500 companies are also remote-friendly.They found that these 25 of the companies are very supportive of employees working remotely (in certain positions.) A number of these companies have open positions on L adders. Check them out below.  25 Fortune 500 companies with remote jobs Dell Amazon UnitedHealth Group Verizon IBM Leidos Humana Aetna Kelly Services American Express First Data Oracle Anthem, Inc. ADP Apple McKesson Corporation Thermo Fisher Scientific Cigna General Electric â€" GE HD Supply Wells Fargo Symantec The Hartford CVS Health Erie Insurance Group